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Infectious Control Measures

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Clinic Operations During The Pandemic

How we are protecting each other:

In preparation for our reopening in this new environment we have implemented the following upgrades:

  • Plexi-glass at the reception counter
  • All fabric chairs in the reception area and in treatment rooms have been replaced with vinyl
  • Debit machine barrier films
  • Pen sanitization
  • New vinyl coverings for the pillows
  • Table coverings
  • Extra layering barrier for face cradles
  • Hand sanitizer is available upon entry into the clinic at the front entrance and on the reception desk

We will also be implementing public health measures as mandated by The College of Massage Therapists of Ontario:

  • Every surface that comes into client contact will be disinfected and/or changed prior to and after every appointment. This includes the massage table, pillows, blankets, sheets, chairs, pens, hooks, light switches, faucets, handrails, doorknobs, etc.
  • An “Infection Prevention and Control” Log will be implemented for the common areas (reception and bathrooms)
  • Your health practitioner will be wearing a surgical or procedural mask and clients will be required to bring their own mask (surgical or cloth) to wear at times throughout the appointment
  • Both practitioners and clients are to respect physical distancing measures (2m) when at all possible
  • All practitioners have completed the necessary additional training from their respective Colleges through the World Health Organization and/or Public Health Ontario for infectious control measures.

New instructions for clients:

Review the COVID-19 Patient Screening Guidance information before EACH appointment.  Please advise if you have received your final (or second) vaccination dose more than 14 days ago? Your treating practitioner will then prescreen verbally upon entering the clinic and immediately prior to your appointment.

If you are feeling unwell, have a pending COVID test, have been exposed, or possibly exposed to someone with COVID, you must declare it for the protection of everyone.

Masks are mandatory upon entering the clinic and during your appointments, once in the clinic please remove footwear and sanitize hands.  Although there are extra barriers and strategies in place …..your treatment and services will still feel the same.

Please respect physical distancing measures (2m) when at all possible.

Please understand that time is imperative in between appointments to follow full sanitization guidelines as you efficiently leave your appointment.

If you are in the vulnerable category, i.e. elderly, diabetic, asthmatic, immune suppression, have kidney/liver or cardiovascular conditions, or generally fearful of catching Covid-19, at this time we ask you to postpone your appointment or contact us with your concerns.


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